28 February 2012

Blogskin ♥

Hello People! Assalamualaikum ~
Like my blog's new look? Hihi, credits to DANIA SOFEA ♥ 
You like it? hihi, I like it like it like it :D She even blogskin-ed my second blog http://nashrahghazali.blogspot.com/ lookie. Jeongmal yeppeo 
Thank you so much Dania! I owe you one :) 
I don't know what to repay you with ~
Hmm, I'll make it up to you later, okay? Heheh, maybe help you with homeworks or something just tell me! :) 
Kamsahamnida. Saranghea Saengie 
by the way, gambar atas tu totally make sense kan Dania? you the small and I'm the huge kitty ;D

17 February 2012

Problems :(

Harini aku nak cerita pasal problem aku!
The truth is I'm actually having probs with my best friend! :(
Actually I'm not blaming her or myself. 
I think that she thinks she's so Perfect and good enough to judge people. I'm not saying that I'm a good friend! Its just we should work it out. I don't want to hang out with you is because I have too much homework and I just knew that you told one of my pathetic secret to a lot of people during our fight >< 
I don't think that's the way of revenge, just humiliate me with other secret that is not important to me! People keep asking me if that's true! I knew that this afternoon. They told me that you said that I'm the one who started this pathetic + childish + stupid fight!! Whatever you want to do, Its you life, your choice! I don't care! Go ahead and be best friends with that GUY and leave me alone! Stop being a Brat!!!!!! Ergh, I hate myself saying these sh*ts ><

Sorry for this post and Thanks for reading this stupid post :/ 
Buhbye, Assalamualaikum ~