25 June 2011

Cody Simpson !

Hey Guys ,
WOOT ! he's so CUTE and HOT !
his voice melts my heart *cewahh .. ayt akuu XD
I love his song iyiyi .
he's totally better than Justin Bieber *to all the Beliebers I'm Sorry
I Love everything about him :)

Here's some photos of him !

He's Cool ! ^^

Aww ! Look at him !

I'm Melting ! ^^

143 Cody Simpson ! ;)

22 June 2011

Kawan baruu + saat yg memalukan kt skolahh ! =='

Mina haseo ! It means - hye everyone ! Yeah something like that !
Oke ! Oke ! Back to the topic .

Tadi kat sekolah akuu lepak ngn Nuwairah *best doee
Kitorg pusing2 satu sekolahh , syiokk sgygg !
Borak2 topik2 yg mmg korg akn rse pelik ! Duhh !
Aku ngn Nuwairah cm Belangkas pulakk td ! Dua2 je ! Akuu ikut Nuwairah je punn !
Sebelum tuu kitorg berempat me , Yrah , Feyka and Adline *diorg mmg sporting gilegile
Then , Feyka ngn Adline ade latihan perbarisan ! So , tinggal akuu ngn Nuwairah !
Pastuu oke lahh kitorg lepak2 !
Tetibe tgh hangat berbual kgkwn sekolahh akuu ckp bapak akuu carik akuu ! Perghhh , akuu mmg terkejot thp gbn doe !
Pastuu tetibe akuu check kt luar sekolahh mmg ade kereta bapak akuu , TAPII daddy x de punn dlm kereta tuhhh ! Pastuu diorg ckp daddy akuu kt kantin ! OTW gi kantin tetibe announcement 'SITI NUR NASHRAH BINTI MD. GHANI SILA DATANG KE PEJABAT SEKARANG JUGAA' hulamakkk ! Maluu gile bhaii ! Satu sbb nme kne sebut kedua sbb akuu BUKANN anak GHANI hello I ank GHAZALI oke !
Adeyhh , mmg maluu bhaii ! Pastuu sian Nuwairah ! Akuu tinggal kn dye ! I feel so so so so bad !nakk nanges punn ade doee ! Sian nye kauu Nuwairahh ! Klau kauu bce ni ! AKU MINTAA MAAF SESANGATT ! saranghea !
Oke guys till the next post !

Akuu rse ni lah post yg paling pnjg ! :)

20 June 2011

Peace and Harmony !

At Last ,
akuu ngn dye dh berbaekk semule *dye tu yg ckp aku x ingat kwn
thankyouu to Facebook , akuu post kt wall dye , then dye maafkan akuu . Best kn ?
Yea , I am a Peace Maker sometimes but not Always lahh :D

Tapi skrg ni ade lagi masalah pulaa ngn bdak sme kelas ngn akuu *syahren
Tetibe je dye ejek nme Atuk akuu *x de kelass bhaii  XP

HAHA ! whatever lah , yg penting agr kami bersahabat forever :D

17 June 2011

Music is My Life !

You guys totally know that I am a MUSIC ADDICT !
I think that all music suites my soul , heart and what so ever !
I love all kind off Music especially Pop Rock or even Hip Hop :D
I love CODY SIMPSON ,Avril Lavigne , Taylor Swift , Selena Gomez and many more *most of them are english
I love Malay songs too . :)

BYE . :D

16 June 2011

Kerja Kursus !

Haiyaa ! Cuti sudh abes maa !
Alahaii , rse sekejap sgt lorhhh ! *sebenarnya dh start 1 minggu sekolah dh punn !

So , Cikgu Sivik kelas Acah suruh buat Folio about 'LEARNING TO SAY NO' , Acah nk buad tajukk psl 'vandalisme' *tp lgsg x usikk XP

sekarang cikgu tu suruh buad presentation dpn kelas BUT using the computer *i was so so so happy to hear about that with the help of Power Point !
Alesya , jiran acah tlg . syokk ! thanks Lesya ! Mahalko .

Oke . bye .

15 June 2011

So Bored !

Hello . Whatcha Doin' ?
Acah boring sgt , dgr lagu dah , ape agy nk buat .
ngntok un ad gk . tape lah . Acah fb duluu .
*sebenarnye ske2 nk update . XP

Look at my new layout !

Comel x layout baru Acah ? Lawa enn *ecehh .. bg Acah lawa lhaa x tauu lahh korg rse cm ne
Acah ske lhaa Layout ni . lepas ni mesty byk gadget2 Acah kt cni ;)

Kayhh , tu je punn nk bgtau .
jmpe lagi !

p/s : bahasa melayu bhaii XD

Western Australia !

It's been a long time since my last post . 
Today I'm gonna update about my holiday trip to WA 
It was so COOL .
I arrived there on Monday morning about 6 A.M.
It was so early .
I'm so Sleepy + Tired , I was so restless ! 
We can't check in until 2 P.M. *brape pnye lme daa =='
So we walk around Perth for 2 hours enjoying the cool air . 
It was so Cold . 
After a while , we go back to the Apartment and slept in front of the lobby , when we were asleep my brother said that people who walks in the lobby will look at us and started sort of laughing . 

The lobby keeper or something was sorry to watch us sleeping on the couch and she checked us in at 12 noon . Thankyou ALLAH ! 
We got in the Apartment . Watch TV ..
My parents slept I was tired too So I sleep also la . My parents woke up at 3 something . I'm still sleeping in the room until my mother came back at 5.30 P.M.  
My mummy bought Kebab *YUMMY 
So we slept in the Hall .

The next Day , 
We shop till we drop and get going to Fremantle , WA  for an awesome most delicious Fish and Chip at Kailis . 

Next Day ,
going home .. BYE WA Hello Malaysia ;)

Okay Guys .
Till the next post lhaa . :)
Love Ya ! 

05 June 2011

1 June .

Yay ! It's Sunday *I'm writing this post on 12:10 A.M.
So , I'm going to Perth , Australia Today on 11:50 P.M. *Late at night
I going Crazy 'bout it . XP
Well , See You Later Bloggers !
From Malaysia with Love ,
Nashrah Ghazali <3

03 June 2011

Ex-I-Ted !

I'm going to Perth , Australia on Sunday . *YAY 
I'm so excited about it and can't wait !
I only have about $65 . HAHA ! i know sikit kn ..
I'm going to buy souvenir for my buddies and my teachers !
Okay . It was 11:50 P.M. when i'm writing this , so , a little bit blured out , don't know what to write anymore ! *Sorry 'bout that 
So , BYE !
Gotta go to Sleep . Till the next Post my Readers !
Love ya !

01 June 2011

Outing !

Today I went to Alamanda with Dania ( My Best Friend Forever )
We arrived at 11:45 , a little bit late cause my daddy and I fetch Dania at her house ( 1st time )
But , we watched KUNG FU PANDA 2 *YAY*
The movie was very funny , *Po is so cute when he was a baby AWWW ! <3
It was a lot of fun with my BFF , wish we can do that again like Dania always says *repeat , rewind , replay
Dania if you're reading this : SARANGHAMNIDA DONGSAENG !