04 May 2014

Jolly good ^~^

Wassup? Hello guys, Assalamualaikum! 
Guys guys guys, I have been MIA (missing in action)! Sorry bout that. Oukay guys, I just realised that some of my older blog posts are all so gloomy & sad & bringing people down kind of posts. I finally, this year 2014, I finally found my happiness & no more hiding my sadness, I am very happy now. I have been discovering & realising things that made me to this cheery acah back. 

My first realisation was; I used to be very very very insecure, well I am still insecure but not as much, I start to love myself, my body eventho im as chubby as a pear, my face eventho its full of acne & my sense of fashion haha everything. I mean, why hate when you know that you are going to be stuck looking like that forever right? Unless if I diet, take good care of my skin & be skinny all those ish then I will look different but for the time being, I just couldn't be bothered. Too busy satisfying my parents with my studies. Moral of this part of finding your happiness is love yourself. For other people to love you, you must love yourself first, loves <3 

Second, I used to have the biggest crush on this guy and this guy got a girlfriend and so I figured, why waste my feelings, time & effort for this guy. I didn't care about this guy anymore. I don't stalk him and get sad and bla bla bla those kind of ish. I don't even have any real crushes on anybody, I just think some guys are cute & charming, liking them for reasons which I never count as a serious kind of crush. Life is waaaayyyy easier if you're carefree & there's no one in your head who makes you unfocus in class & sad all the time (your crush). It will be very hard to move on at first but sooner of later, you will, you just have to try & never quit. Whoopssss I lied, I do have some distraction that makes me unfocus which goes to my third discovery.

Third; I am obsessed with VINE! Guys, I mean, I can spend like 5 hours just watching Vines about very random stuff and there I get very happy watching all these jokes & stuff. Ok, the distractions are Magcon, #RoyalSWEK & KAM !!! Hamagaaaddddd these guys are the coolest just makes my day al day everyday. Let me list the 'boys' who actually runs into my mind quite a lot from vine ; Cameron Dallas, Kalin White, Nash Grier, Myles Parrish & Chris Collins! These guys are sooooo adorable, funny hamagad perfect. Okay, the point is, find something you enjoy spending your time with. Distract yourself from all those sadness with these things that makes you happy like learn an instrument, make vines, watch youtube, watch vine & loads more. Do what you love, love what you do. Instead of throwing hates & envying this and that and feel fat all the time watching top model, why not watch top chef that makes you feel good for having a big belly? ;) 

Fourth; Be grateful with what you have. Okay guys, I am that jealous type. I have to admit. I get jealous over everything, big or small the matter, I will feel jealous if I don't have what other people have. Stupid. Whyyyy did I ever thought of that? Everything I already have is more than enough, more than good. Maybe we don't have that but we have this, riiight? You guys know what I mean ;;) If you're always jealous, you start throwing hates & bashing people online and offline, talking ish about them. Nooooooo, don't do that. Love what you have. Be grateful. 

So that is it for today's post guysss, I will be posting some more ways to be happy soon. Maybe after my mid-term exam? Yeah, about that, ummmmm wish me luck? Hehe :3 Spread positivity & stop negativity. Okay gdbyeeeee! <3