22 July 2013

Memory Lane 💖

Hiiii everybody! Assalamualaikum! Today you guys are going on an adventure through my memory lane. Are you excited? :3 Well, I sure am excited to share a little bit of my past. So I will be captioning pictures that I found and I love all these pictures so much and also these pictures are a lot appropriate and less embarrassing so sit back and enjoy :) 

I played golf when I was a toddler. That's pretty dang exciting now isn't it? 

Just me, Ummi and Kak Putri on Raya. I'm not sure on what year though. Sorry about that! 

Now, this is not me. This is my brother, Adham. I can't help it, he is too adorable >< 

This is also in Raya. Just me, casually receiving Ang Pow on Raya Morning :3 

My Atok and me :) I feel sooooo loved! 

A badass, I believe. lol no. 

Oh just me being cute and innocent. hehe :3 

This is a picture of tiny me and my mum in England. I was so young~ 

Me and my Atok again. I look like a boy, don't I :O 

I'm so innocent yet so mischievous lol :3 

So, In my big family. There were three kid who were born on the year 1998. In this picture is Meerza, Elfie and Me. Umm and both of the boys now live in Brunei. 

My Atok looks so gangstaaaa lol and there's just me :) 

This was in England, tiny me in my snow suit in my stroller. Cute. Haaaaah 

Me and my Granny, Ummi :) 

What's with the face, tiny Nashrah? hahaha x)

When I was little, I had this huge Minnie Mouse doll. My mom said that I called her " Ani " ~ Oh you know kids and their stuffed animals ~~~~ 

I have a secret, I actually invented thriller. Haaaaaaah nope. Again. What's with the face, tiny Nashrah? 

Last but not least, my family. My brother, my daddy, my mummy and meeee :D 

Well thats the end of this post! If you noticed there's not much picture of me and my dad. That's because he is the photographer all this while and most of these pictures were taken by him :D So If you want to see a Memory Lane : Part 2! And maybe I'll find more pictures of me and my dad. Let me know. So see you guys laterrrrr, Byeeeeee :D

06 July 2013



It's 10PM right now. I want to tell someone what is deep inside me right now. Depression. Im so depressed. Very depressed. Have you ever felt this kind of depression that all you do is cry, then comes to the point that all you want to do is die. If you did felt like that then, you will understand what I am going through right now. 

My friends would think that I am lying because at school Im a very happy girl hanging out with her friends and she enjoys everything she does. I laugh a lot. A lot. I mean it when I say a lot and you should believe me. But all I feel is empty. Why? Because everyday there is just something that will make me feel stressed and comes to the point that Im hurting so much that I have to fake my laugh, my smile and everything. If its not because of my friends, there's always just arguments in my family about really small things that sometimes doesn't make sense and not even worth the arguments. 

I wish I could turn back time and make everything right. Sometimes I wish that I wasn't even born. ya Allah. I screw up a lot of things. I know. I am sorry for not being perfect like other girls, daughter and friend. I love being surrounded by the people I love. But today, all the people I love is not with me. Im probably alone most of the time, when Im at school, even when I come home from school, no one is home. All I have to do is stay home alone. I feel so empty. 

Today, the problem is pretty personal, I cant tell you guys the details why I am like this. Im sorry. Thank you for anyone who read this until the end and doesn't hate me and doesn't think Im some kind of attention seeker. Im sorry if this post is kind of disturbing and all. Thank you so much and I love you guys. Bye

07 June 2013

Girl Crush.

Assalamualaikum! Hello everybody! 

It's 1:50 in the morning right now. I cant sleep after a dose of McFly. They are just too adorable, I mean they are very good looking, I repeat, VERY and they are hilarious. Made me laugh in the middle of the night. I cant help it, they're too cute 😍 I'm so in love right now omg. Okay sorry thats a little bit too far from the topic. But too start of, I'm sorry if this post is long and so much blabbering and my english is a mess. 

So okay, the title would make you guys think I'm a lesbian. Ain't that right, mate? But no, I am not a lesbian. Allow me to repeat myself, ehem I AM NOT A LESBIAN. I am perfectly straight. I like boys, I mean I love boys but they won't love me back. lol okay only joking. Okay so basically, a straight girl having a crush on another straight girl is actually not a bad thing. You see, people always misunderstood this thing. A girl crush is actually a girl that you look up to, you think she's pretty, you want her body, you want her hair, you want her hijab collection, you love her fashion sense, you love her makeup things (i dont even know), you wanna be like her and there's time where you just wanna be her. I mean, I know most of my readers are girls, have you girls ever felt like that on a girl. If you did, we're in this together sister. Yep, I do have a girl crush. 

Now you see, girl crush isn't a bad thing. You just need to know the definition of a girl crush. Now, its all good isn't that right? girls, its okay to have just a little crush on a girl but keep in mind, don't be to obsessed to that person. Otherwise, other things might happen (eg: you turning into a lesbian, a tomboy so that you can date your girl crush. same thing) and you girl can't put the blame on me because YOU CAN NEVER EVER HAVE THAT KIND OF FEELINGS TO A GIRL. Dont be an idiot, silly. 

Yeah so I guess that is all for today. Oh and btw, our school holiday here in Malaysia is almost over, we only have 3 days left. So enjoy and cherish the freedom while you can. And finish your unfinished school holiday exercises that your teachers gave you! I haven't start a single thing yet. I'm a bad student. I'm sorry teacher. I had a great holiday this time even though 3/4 of my days spent on my computer, phone but still, its the holiday. Ain't that right, mate? See you guys later. Gbye and I need to go to bed now. cheerios!

06 June 2013

Times Square, 5 June

Assalamualaikum ^^
sorry for not updating so often. im so sorry, its just that, i don't know what to blog about lol. give me tags or request on my twitter maybe? its midnight right now and im so tired but thats alright, ill just update this, i guess? ok enough blabbering nashrah, and so 

today im so very happy because saya hangout dengan best friend saya, Munirah and Massyirah :D
bukan senang nak hangout dengan dak dak hot ni .... lol, harini an an an ramai pulak boyzzzz yang comel. lol masalahnya ramai boyzz boyzz tu muka dorang semua macam familiar je. To start of, dalam train, masyaAllah, tolonglah why is your eyes so beautiful. Munirah pulak ayayay, melting lak dia lol ~ okay lah, apa kata korang tengok gambar kami? jom ~

jejak permulaan kami.

masyi asal? acah syurawr lol

candid ke apa ni, garangnya saya hihi

MNM ^^

Massyirah Amira binti Mohd Kushairi

Siti Nur Nashrah binti Md Ghazali

Munirah binti Rosli

senyuman nanananananab lol k no.

Munirahhhhhh :D

gelak selepas mata saya dicucuk oleh jari munirah xD

Masyi laju harini hahahaha ~

Aduyai ... 

Mun kata i believe i can fly.

Masyi nak tiru Syura, Mun nak tiru Masyi. tapi, duadua tak jadi lololololol ~~

Masyi tanya saya " awak okay? " 

duadua acahacah syurasyura lolol

Munirah said Adios Amigos ~


okay, ni nak cerita ni macam mana muka suci tadi boleh ada make up setebal itu, tadi time tengah jalanjalan kat tingkat 3 TS tu, ada 3 orang student from beauty academy apa tah tak ingat, dorang minta tolong kitorang supaya jadi model untuk diorang. dalam masa 5 minit camtu, kitorang pun setuju lah, I mean, once in a lifetime punya opportunity kan? tu baru masyi tu, belum lagi saya and mun. okay. jom tengok. scroll, scroll. 

haaaaaa tengok betapa lawa nya munirah masyaAllah :o oh and btw yang baju purple tu makeup artist yang telah me-make up-kan kami.

ok, JANGAN GELAK! jangan tanya apa yang kat dahi saya tu, lol ok bagitau jelah, tu kening for my stage look kateko -.- oh pendeknya kau nashrah.

muka mun cantik, saya dah macam goth je ni, makeup yang over tadi dah takde yeay. 

we bought matching watches. our meow watch ~


dah nak balik yeay. gelak sopan kateko

lawanya budak niiiiii

dalam train nak balik dah 

Okay soo tu je gambar gambar nya :) tak semua lah kan, kalau semua saya upload kat sini muntah korang tengok lol. maaflah saya sangat tak appropriate, muka tah pape, aya caramba lol. apa pun, we had a great day. full of joy, laughters, tears and thank you guys for everything. Munirah and Massyirah so very pretty hahaha. okay i need to sleep already and thank you for reading and scrolling and looking at our pics. wow so many and. ok bye Assalamualaikum. ly guys!

10 March 2013

Keep Calm .....

Assalamualaikum, I decided to post something motivational ((i think so)) today since I havent update anything here in like... forever haha! so before you read this, grab some snacks because it might take a while if you really want to read this hehe.
okay Nashrah, stop already. So lets start.

Stress, i think thats a common thing for us students, daughters/sons, etc etc.

Some people can handle their stress really well by doing the things they like. Thats great, I mean, yea right? When some other people cannot handle their stress and do STUPID things like cut themselves, throws things etc etc. Come onnnnn, dont be so stupid, i mean, you could've killed yourself. Keep calm okaay? life is just to short and you only live once in this beautiful world.

Theres a lot like loadssss of factors that will cause you stress like school, family, friends, love thingy wek, etc etc. For students its okay to have stress on homeworks, especially math, right? whos with me lol? but once youre done with it, the stress will all go away and you'll feel relax, its not a permanent type of stress pun. so keep calm and do your homeworks, one other way for you to not be stressed while doing your homeworks is listen to songs while doing it. It does help me but I always ended up dancing around my room like a maniac which you guys shouldnt follow hahah! but it helps my stress go away. hehe :3

Im under a lot of stress actually, This year ((2013)) is my PMR yearrrr! omg, im like freaking out but then again im not really focusing on my studies..... hmm, which I should start right away i'll regret it later and i dont want to regret anything. I want 8As!!! Wish me luck and pray for me guys!

I really really hope this post helped you guys. My post is not that long, sorry. Im just not good at posting really long posts, sorry, again~ xx

//Guyssss sorry for not updating so often, im kinda busy/lazy lol. After PMR, I promise to update more, InsyaAllah\\

Keep Calm, Assalamualaikum! 💚