10 March 2013

Keep Calm .....

Assalamualaikum, I decided to post something motivational ((i think so)) today since I havent update anything here in like... forever haha! so before you read this, grab some snacks because it might take a while if you really want to read this hehe.
okay Nashrah, stop already. So lets start.

Stress, i think thats a common thing for us students, daughters/sons, etc etc.

Some people can handle their stress really well by doing the things they like. Thats great, I mean, yea right? When some other people cannot handle their stress and do STUPID things like cut themselves, throws things etc etc. Come onnnnn, dont be so stupid, i mean, you could've killed yourself. Keep calm okaay? life is just to short and you only live once in this beautiful world.

Theres a lot like loadssss of factors that will cause you stress like school, family, friends, love thingy wek, etc etc. For students its okay to have stress on homeworks, especially math, right? whos with me lol? but once youre done with it, the stress will all go away and you'll feel relax, its not a permanent type of stress pun. so keep calm and do your homeworks, one other way for you to not be stressed while doing your homeworks is listen to songs while doing it. It does help me but I always ended up dancing around my room like a maniac which you guys shouldnt follow hahah! but it helps my stress go away. hehe :3

Im under a lot of stress actually, This year ((2013)) is my PMR yearrrr! omg, im like freaking out but then again im not really focusing on my studies..... hmm, which I should start right away i'll regret it later and i dont want to regret anything. I want 8As!!! Wish me luck and pray for me guys!

I really really hope this post helped you guys. My post is not that long, sorry. Im just not good at posting really long posts, sorry, again~ xx

//Guyssss sorry for not updating so often, im kinda busy/lazy lol. After PMR, I promise to update more, InsyaAllah\\

Keep Calm, Assalamualaikum! 💚